Where We Build

In 2015, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity adopted a strategic focus in the historic Kendall-Whittier neighborhood – located between the University of Tulsa and downtown and bordered by BNSF Railroad, 11th Street, Harvard and Utica – in conjunction with a coalition of nearly 20 nonprofits, foundations, governmental and for-profit partners. The Kendall-Whittier community redevelopment strategy, led by Growing Together Tulsa, includes public, private and non-profit partners focused on education, economic development, sustainability, infrastructure, job creation and much more. 

In 2018, Tulsa Habitat expanded its strategic focus to include another historic Tulsa suburb: the Crutchfield neighborhood. Located between Highway 75 and Utica from Pine to Admiral, Crutchfield is one of Tulsa’s oldest neighborhoods, having once been a thriving industrial community of affordable, single-family workforce housing. Crutchfield’s close proximity to downtown, the construction of the new BMX Headquarters, and other public and private investments make Crutchfield an attractive area for Tulsa Habitat and our families to build. 

The construction methods and partnerships Tulsa Habitat has established in Kendall-Whittier and Crutchfield are viable ways of revitalizing many regions of our city. Tulsa Habitat is actively researching future projects in the 36th Street North and North Peoria Avenue area, the Eugene Field neighborhood and areas in East Tulsa.