Mid-Century Modern

Tulsa Habitat has joined forces with the Tulsa-based manufacturer Standard Panel, utilizing their proprietary structural panel system to create a new, Mid-Century Modern home design. Inspired by the iconic architecture of Tulsa’s Lortondale neighborhood, the three-bedroom, two-bath design features an open-plan living/dining/kitchen space, as well as a carport and a small storage area. This design, with its low-sloped, rectangular roof, lends itself perfectly to building with structural panels, allowing us to trim construction costs without sacrificing any of the style, craftsmanship, or efficiency of our previous designs. Mold- and termite-resistant and providing excellent insulation, the panels cut down not only on construction costs but on repair and energy costs as well.

“Like with a lot of things in architecture, we looked to the past for inspiration. Tulsa’s historic Lortondale neighborhood provided a great template for us. The straight lines and open floor plans work well with the panels and maximize the interior space for the homeowner.” - Cameron Walker, Chief Executive Officer at Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

“The Mid-Century Modern-style home that Tulsa Habitat created optimizes our panels. The design is a simple, square box with a low-sloped roof and carport. It takes advantage of the geometry of the panels and minimizes waste.” - John Pardue, Partner at Standard Panel