Home Work

Before Ms. Cowan walked through the 24-Hour home across the street from Kendall-Whittier Elementary, she had no idea homeownership was within reach.

“Owning a home seemed so distant. I’m a teacher, we don’t make a lot of money. It is very sad to say that I’m doing what I love, I have a college degree, I worked really hard, and I can’t afford a home,” says Cowan. Before moving into her Habitat home, Cowan lived in Sand Springs with her parents. She says, “When I found out that Habitat offers a 0% interest loan, and I qualified for the program, I was so excited! I immediately said, ‘Where do I sign up?’" 

With Oklahoma’s teacher compensation among the lowest in the nation, Habitat offers educators an affordable, quality home. Independence and decorating are exciting aspects of home ownership, but for Cowan there’s more. “In Kendall-Whittier we have such a great community. We love the kids and they love us… We have a great administration and a great team. I’m proud of my school and my community.”

For Ms. Cowan to become a homeowner, she was simultaneously a teacher and a student: her ‘home work’ included 300 hours of sweat equity, building homes, woodshop, working in the ReStore, and attending homeowner college class.